Pump development

Update: 22-11-2019

The pump is one of the earliest machines for human appl […]

The pump is one of the earliest machines for human applications. In the history of our country, many simple water-lifting tools, such as hoes and waterwheels, have been invented and created for agricultural irrigation. With the development of production, these original water lifting tools have gradually developed into modern pumps. In the 19th century, due to the development of the steel industry and the emergence of steam engines, conditions for the development of reciprocating pumps were provided, and relatively mature steam direct acting reciprocating pumps appeared. By the early 20th century, due to the wide application of electric motors and steam turbines, centrifugal pumps have been rapidly developed and widely used.
Before liberation, the pump industry was in a relatively backward state, just like the aggression of the imperialists and the Kuomintang reactionaries. Most of the industrial pumps rely on imports, and the pumps used for agricultural irrigation and drainage are even less pitiful.
After the liberation, China's pump products manufacturing industry has grown rapidly from scratch, from small to large. At present, China can not only produce general pump products, but also has trial-produced and produced various special-purpose pumps, which basically meet the needs of various sectors of the national economy such as agriculture, national defense, petroleum, chemical, mining, steel, and metallurgy. In addition, through the reform of old products and the trial production of broken products, it not only fills in the blanks of some products in China, but also has developed a series with its own characteristics for the commonly used products, which greatly improved the serialization of pump products in China. The level of standardization and generalization.
With the rapid development of the chemical industry, there are more and more requirements for the types of chemical pumps, and the technical conditions are getting higher and higher. In recent years, foreign chemical pumps are developing in the direction of large-scale, high-speed, specialization and serialization.
With the development of chemical plants to a large scale, the flow rate and driving power of the pump are required to be larger and larger. In the case of the need to provide the same flow and head, the use of a large pump is more economical than using multiple pumps, which can save a lot of material, reduce power consumption, reduce floor space, and is easy to manage. This can improve the technical and economic indicators of the unit and the reliability of operation.