Difference between pipeline pump and booster pump

Update: 29-11-2019

Everyone has heard of pipeline pumps, booster pumps, an […]

Everyone has heard of pipeline pumps, booster pumps, and pipeline booster pumps, but many users don't understand the connection and difference between the two pumps. Let me solve this doubt for everyone.
In fact, the pipeline pump and the booster pump are basically the same. The difference between the pipeline pump and the booster pump is that the bottom valve of the pipeline pump can suck the low water into the pump body to transport it, and the booster pump does Without this ability, only the water that can flow into the pump body can be transported away.
Pipe pump is a type of single-suction single-stage or multi-stage centrifugal pump. It is a vertical structure. Because its inlet and outlet are on the same straight line, and the inlet and outlet diameters are the same, it looks like a section of pipeline and can be installed at any position of the pipeline. It is called a pipeline pump (aka booster pump). Structural characteristics: It is a single-suction single-stage centrifugal pump with the same inlet and outlet and on the same straight line, which is orthogonal to the axis centerline, and is a vertical pump.
The pipeline pump is usually a vertical structure pump product such as a pipeline booster pump or a pipeline centrifugal pump. Their inlet and outlet are on the same horizontal line and can be directly connected to the pipeline. The motor of the pipeline pump is above the pump body. The diameter of the inlet and outlet of the pipeline pump is the same. There is a square base under the pump body, which can be easily installed on the concrete foundation. The small and lightweight pipeline pump can also directly rely on the inlet and outlet pipelines without a fixed base. Connect and support the fixed pipeline pump, but in this case the pipeline at both ends of the pipeline pump must be fixed.
Booster pump, as its name implies, is a pump used for boosting pressure. It is mainly used for boosting water heaters, low-pressure water in high-rise buildings, saunas, baths, and other pressurizing applications. Reverse osmosis water purifier pressurization and so on.
The definition of a booster pump is actually similar to a pipeline pump. A booster pump is a pump that has no self-priming capacity by increasing a part of the pressure based on the original pressure of the pipeline to transport water to a higher and higher place. Products.


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