Promising prospects for the pump industry

Update: 06-12-2019

The water pump industry is a typical investment-driven […]

The water pump industry is a typical investment-driven industry. The market demand is greatly affected by national macro policies, especially by the macro policies of water conservancy, construction, and energy industries.
In the development process of the domestic foundry industry, pump and valve casting enterprises should address issues such as energy saving, labor shortages, and national policies. At the same time, they should pay more attention to the development of the industry and make appropriate adjustments based on the company's own operating conditions in order to better and better in the future Fast development.
With the continuous progress of technology, pump products will develop in an intelligent direction, capable of monitoring parameters such as pressure, flow, temperature, and vibration; capable of evaluating the conditions of pump shafts, bearings and seals; being able to analyze the causes of failures Perform a diagnosis, etc. The technological development of the magnetic pump and diaphragm pump industry will be concentrated in the design of electronic regulation systems, improvement of driving devices and the search for new materials.
Data show that in the input of sewage treatment equipment, water pumps account for about 15% of the total investment in machinery and equipment. According to the proportion, during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the demand for pump products in the field of urban sewage treatment will be about 60 billion yuan. The next three years There is still a market demand of nearly 40 billion, and the market prospects are good. In the near future, China's key enterprises of pumps and valves will be able to catch up with and surpass similar foreign companies, contribute to the nationalization of major national technical equipment, occupy a certain share in the world ’s pump and valve market competition, and become the world ’s pump and valve manufacturing industry. Powerhouse.