To Keep The High Quality Of Mechanical Pump Shaft Seal: Conversation With The Material Supplier

Update: 04-04-2019

In order to strengthen communication and cooperation wi […]

In order to strengthen communication and cooperation with material suppliers and enhance the awareness of employees and designers on mechanical seals, our company has held related lectures on June 16th,2018.

At the meeting, one of our material suppliers' manager, Mr.Zhang focused on the main materials of mechanical sealssuch as silicon carbide, graphite, stainless steel, and other common technical issues. Mr.Zhang also specifically pointed out that when serving customers, it is crucial to determine the application areas of the products. The choice not only determines the safety and service life of the clients, but also determines certain health of people in the field, such as Food, Beverage, and water treatment industry, and etc.

The meeting not only increased the knowledge of the participants to in-depth popularization of mechanical seals, but also enhanced the friendship between the people. The most important thing is that it increased our knowledge of how to serve customers.