Principle of mechanical seal for water pump

Update: 15-03-2019

The mechanical seal of water pump is mainly composed of […]

The mechanical seal of water pump is mainly composed of three parts, one is the base: it should be installed on the pump body, which can be made of many materials; the other is the sliding ring: generally round, rectangular cross-section, combined with other seals and installed on the pump shaft, which is generally made of good wear-resisting and sealing materials such as carbon, and the third is to have a pressure-generating compaction device: it can be a spring or other method. 。 After the sliding ring is installed on the pump shaft, it rotates with the pump shaft. The sealing position is static contact. The sliding ring is tightly pressed on the base depending on the pressure of the pressing device. That is to say, the sliding ring rotates on the base to form a dynamic seal. Because the carbon materials such as graphite and pencil chip have small molecules, high quality, good sealing and lubricity. Function, so complete sealing can be achieved in the process of rotation. However, it should be noted that in processing, the processing accuracy is higher, and when installing, attention should be paid to the position and angle, etc. At the same time, remember that when installing mechanical seals, do not touch the sliding contact surface with your hands, even if you can not see a fingerprint, it may affect the final performance.