Overview of the development history of domestic pumps

Update: 09-11-2019

China's agricultural water pumps have gradually develop […]

China's agricultural water pumps have gradually developed with the development of China's water conservancy industry and machinery industry. Over the past 40 years, with the joint efforts of industry, agriculture, water conservancy, and commerce, China has built a farm pump industry with considerable production capacity, and has formed a certain scientific research team, which has developed and produced a large number of suitable China's various agricultural pumps provide technical equipment to resist natural disasters, expand irrigation and drainage areas, and improve water use for humans and animals.
The overview of agricultural pumps that have been put into production in China is in the following broad range: inlet and outlet diameters from 32mm to 6000mm; flow rates from 3m3/h to 3600003m3/h (l00m3/s); heads from 1.5m to 600m; Up to 325m; the power of a single pump is 0.25kW to 8000kW; the supporting power of the pump is diesel engine, electric motor and small gasoline engine.
Nearly 1,000 factories producing agricultural water pumps nationwide (including some township and village enterprises). According to statistics, in 1988, the country produced 1.7 million agricultural pumps. At the end of 1988, the number of agricultural pumps in the country was 6.2 million, and the supporting power was 64 million kW.
According to statistics at the end of 1988, the national electromechanical irrigation area was 400 million mu, accounting for 56% of the effective irrigation area, 2.5 million eyes for machine wells, and 130 million mu for pure well irrigation. Agricultural pump annual water trays account for about 60% of the country's rural water use.
At present, there are more than 50 series of agricultural pump products in China, more than 800 varieties, more than 130 specifications, annual electricity consumption of about 15 billion kW.h, annual oil consumption of about 200t.
Agricultural pumps mainly include centrifugal pumps, mixed flow pumps, axial flow pumps, long shaft deep well pumps, submersible pumps, and water wheel pumps.
The production of agricultural pumps in old China is almost zero.