Share about the use conditions and structural characteristics of deep well pumps

Update: 16-08-2019

Today, share the conditions and structural characterist […]

Today, share the conditions and structural characteristics of the deep well pump.
1. Environmental conditions for the use of deep well pumps
1. Three-phase AC power supply with a power supply frequency of 50 Hz and a rated voltage of 380 V or 660 V (tolerance ± 5%).
2. The solid content (by mass) is not more than 0.01%.
3. The acidity of the liquid being pumped is 6.5-8.5.
4. The temperature of the conveying medium does not exceed 100 °C.
5. The water inlet of the pump must be below the moving water level of 1m, but the depth of the diving should not exceed 70m of the static water level, and the lower end of the electric pump should be at least 1m away from the bottom of the well.
6. The well is required to be straight, the well wall is smooth, and the well pipe must not be staggered.
Second, the structural characteristics of deep well pumps
1. QJ series well submersible electric pump consists of two parts: submersible three-phase asynchronous motor and water pump. The motor is directly connected with the upper pump body, and the upper end of the motor shaft is provided with a reliable shaft sealing device, which can effectively prevent the exchange between the coolant in the motor and the pumped medium, and ensure the safe and reliable operation of the pump in the long-term.
2. The submersible pump is a single-suction multi-stage vertical centrifugal pump; the submersible motor is a submersible asynchronous motor for water-filled wet and vertical wells. The motor and pump are directly connected through the barrel coupling.
3. The motor winding is a nylon sheathed polyethylene water resistant electromagnetic wire. The motor cavity is filled with clean water.
4. The motor guide bearing adopts water lubricated bearings. There is no thrust bearing on the lower part of the motor that can withstand the axial force of the pump. The thrust bearing of the high lift pump uses a nickel-containing copper fan-shaped block, and it is an imported Fellers skateboard that can withstand the upper and lower axial forces of the pump. .
5. The high-lift submersible pump adds an axial force carrier between the pump and the motor, and the lift can be increased to 900m.
Third, the troubleshooting of deep well pumps
1: The power supply has no power or the switch is not closed;
2: The power is not turned on;
3: The control box is loosely contacted due to transportation vibration; 4: The AC contactor coil has burned out.
5: Waiting for an incoming call or closing the power switch;
6: Check the control box with an electric meter or an electric pen. If there is no power, turn on the power;
7: Check each connection point of the control box and fasten it with a screwdriver;
8: Check the contactor coil with the meter "Ω" file, repair or replace it.
9: One of the power sources is open;
10: CJ main contact burned out;