Design of stainless steel magnetic pump

Update: 12-10-2019

It has long trouble-free working time and is easy to ma […]

It has long trouble-free working time and is easy to maintain and use. Small size, light weight, high efficiency, special considerations in design, compared with pumps of the same diameter, large displacement and high performance. ZCQ self-priming pump adopts magnetic transmission principle and external mixing structure.
Compared to conventional magnetic centrifugal pumps, the ZCQ self-priming pump does not require manual filling before each start. Because it is self-priming, it is widely used, especially for those that are installed above the liquid level. Self-priming magnetic pumps are preferred.
The stainless steel magnetic pump is a chemical process pump that uses the principle of modern magnetism to realize contactless indirect transmission using permanent magnets. When the motor drives the outer rotor (ie, the outer magnetic steel) assembly to rotate, the magnetic field line passes through the isolating sleeve to drive the inner rotor (ie, the inner magnetic steel) assembly and the impeller to rotate synchronously, and the medium is completely enclosed in the stationary isolation sleeve. In order to achieve the purpose of leak-free pumping medium, the shaft seal leakage of the mechanical transmission pump is completely solved, and it is a new industrial pump with full sealing, no leakage and no pollution.